RIPCORD 2 Accepted for Presentation at European Society of Cardiology 2021

AIMES has supported the success of the RIPCORD 2 multicentre clinical trial through the provision of the Streamline cloud-based trial management system for governance and oversight. The trial also used the REDCap electronic case record form platform at AIMES as part of a collaboration between the company and LHCH which dates back to 2017.

RIPCORD 2 is a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the clinical and cost benefits of utilising pressure wire (PW) assessment routinely, as opposed to simply a coronary angiogram.

The PW assessment is primarily used for guiding coronary stenting but could also pose added benefit in this area. RIPCORD 2 seeks to prove that conducting a pressure wire assessment (in addition to the coronary angiogram) at the earliest stage could ultimately improve clinical outcomes through individualised treatment plans, and reduce costs via more efficient resource allocation during subsequent patient appointments.

Led by Prof. Rod Stables of LHCH and Prof. Nicholas Curzen of UHS, the AIMES Streamline platform helped the Trust to recruit ahead of time and on budget. The lead developer at AIMES was Paul Langan, who has worked closely with Prof. Stables and the team at LHCH in co-creating the online trial management system. AIMES CEO Prof. Dennis Kehoe commented:

The success of the RIPCORD 2 trial demonstrates the benefits of colleagues from the NHS and from industry working closely and collaboratively to further clinical practice and improve patient outcomes.

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