(Infrastructure as a Service)

  • A-Cloud: Internet-facing VMWare Cloud Solution

    Enterprise-class infrastructure for internet and/or private network. The server, storage and network infrastructure are designed for rapid provision and scalability, adapting to the nuances of your organisation. Enterprise-class security is at the forefront of our services.

  • Health Cloud: HSCN-facing VMWare Cloud Solution

    AIMES has an established track record in providing transformational, HSCN-connected IT hosting services for the NHS. With 40 years of combined experience, our health cloud solutions have been designed with healthcare organisations and clinical priorities in mind.


(Backup as a Service)

  • AIMES offers a managed backup service on enterprise class hardware deployed within our fully owned and operated secure UK Data Centres. ISO270001 accreditation and NHS IG Toolkit compliance ensures our backup options adhere to the highest level of security for your data.

    Our BaaS utilises Veeam technologies and comes as an optional extra when procuring AIMES IaaS or bespoke cloud service. At a fundamental level, backups of Virtual Machines (VM) are taken and restored within the same data centre as standard, however offsite options are available upon request.


(Software as a Service)

  • With years of experience in SaaS delivery, AIMES can manage both the software and the underlying infrastructure, providing a more comprehensive and reliable solution for your organisation; with patching, upgrades and security also being handled by us.

    Our SaaS services are scalable with predictive pricing, proactively monitored and managed, and backed by robust Service Level Agreements.