Celebrating International Women’s Day at AIMES

International Women’s Day is an important time to recognise the historic inequality which women have faced, which still presently persistsĀ  in one form or another. Given this lack of equality and the underrepresentation of women in the IT sector (accounting for just 16% of IT professionals in the UK), AIMES feel that it is important to recognise the important roles that women play at our company.

Our Technical Team:

Being a cloud computing business, the technical department is a core component of AIMES. Heather (our Senior Technical Architect) is chiefly responsible for the design of infrastructure for our clients, whilst Lisa (our Service Delivery Manager) oversees the technical aspects of project delivery, managing the deployment of our technical team.

Our Finance Team:

Another integral component of AIMES is the finance department, who oversee business transactions, capital, new investment opportunities, and financial reporting. Our finance team is comprised of our Director of Finance, Jane, and our Assistant Management Accountant, Helen. In addition to finance, Jane oversees our HR/Company Secretarial function, with both showing their indispensable importance to the company.

Our Sales Team:

Last but by absolutely no means least, the female figures present in our sales team are also essential to the success of AIMES. It is no secret that the sales team are the driving force behind company operations, and the women we have as part of our sales team are no different. Jennifer (our Accounts Manager) is responsible for overseeing many of our client accounts, customer success, retention, growth, copywriting and digital marketing; whilst Mandy (our Operations Manager) oversees day-to-day activities within the company, scheduling events, marketing and business development.

Each of these women play an integral role within AIMES, and today is a chance to celebrate their successes and abilities. International Women’s Day is a chance to educate others on the existence of the inequalities still present in both the workplace and society; and continue to promote equal opportunities for all.

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During World War II, female code breakers facilitated American intelligence which led to the success of the Allied war efforts. An untold story of women in technology, the book Code Girls delves deep into this amazing history.

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