This project is a successful collaboration between AIMES, Kings College London, University of Liverpool and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust. The aim of this partnership is to design and develop an AI system which can predict early onset of mental health crisis for clinicians to review and act upon where necessary.

The project builds upon a very successful feasibility project funded by Innovate UK between 2018 and 2020 and has the potential to transform the treatment and care of mental health patients by predicting and averting crisis rather than by simply reacting. This preliminary work has ingested over 12 years’ worth of NHS clinical data from Mersey Care and generated over 4 billion annotations using natural language processing technology developed by Professor Dobson at KCL.

The data and analysis has been carried out in a highly secure, NHS accredited facility at AIMES and patients and clinical staff have been directly involved in the project from the outset – in terms of engagement/evaluation around issues such as consent, specificity/sensitivity, usability and trust.