AIMES create TRE for the University of Hull

Over the last few months, AIMES have worked in collaboration with the University of Hull, to create a Trustworthy Research Environment — something Hull have chosen to market as a Data Safe Haven.

This solution will allow researchers at the University of Hull to access sensitive data which is imperative for their research projects, whilst complying with a multitude of technical and information governance controls/accreditations required for the storage and processing of this sensitive data.

As is the case with all of our other TRE’s, the data resides within our 200 rack, 1.5MW secured data centre. This is accessed via a secure end-to-end encrypted connection which is reinforced with two factor authentication, meaning that all activity occurs within the secure environment and not on end user machines.

Researchers at Hull University can also take advantage of our HPC stack, which can provide powerful processing and advanced machine learning capabilities for studies with complex data sets (such as genomic and proteomic research); which can enable Hull to increase the quantity and quality of their research output.

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