AIMES and Enovacom Partner up to Accelerate Clinical Trial Process

AIMES and Enovacom have teamed up to form a new partnership which will benefit clinical researchers and health system designers by speeding up research and service innovation. The collaboration will mean that our customers will be able to automate the transfer of real-time data from multiple care settings during their investigations, saving hundreds of hours of time.

While Enovacom technology will automatically integrate patient data from healthcare IT systems into a cloud-based research environment which will be hosted by AIMES. The virtual data repository will give NHS clinical research staff access to streamlined data flows, making access quicker and easier and eliminating the need for manual data sharing.

Glenn Roberts, Business Development Director of AIMES, said:

Easier access to real-time patient data has tremendous potential for both innovation and integration. Our partnership will drive a more dynamic approach to healthcare by slashing the time it takes to get data from bench to bedside and vice versa. Our flexible cloud-based approach, and Enovacom’s data sharing expertise, unlocks whole new possibilities for use of data in health and care.

Another key benefit is the costs of data migration are reduced as the solution is cloud-based. In addition patient-facing application provider can access and update the data in order to support remote patient care – a key priority under the latest NHS Operational Guidance.

Mark Smith, the UK Business Development Director of Enovacom, said:

AIMES has deep insight and experience into streamlining patient data flows to support research and improvement in health and life sciences. By using our technology to bring holistic real-time patient data into the cloud, this partnership brings immediate benefits around data access and management, and long-term benefits in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and automation.

The full web article can be found at Digital Health.

Who are AIMES?

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Who are Enovacom?

As a leader in medical interoperability for over 18 years, Enovacom have been working to improve the lives of healthcare professionals, with solutions that help you collect, protect, exchange and make the most of your healthcare data.

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